What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

SERVPRO of East Naples came to a home I am in the process of inspecting. When I noticed lingering storm damage from Hurricane Irma I went to them for roof & mold guidance. They have put my customer in touch with a great roofing contractor, and have began the process of remediation. They are a great guys to work with.

I met with Joe from SERVPRO of East Naples to discuss their services and how to prepare for a potential storm. As a property manager it meant a lot to me that he took the time out of his weekend to walk me through his process and what he can do for my customers. Very knowledgeable and offers great services.

SERVPRO of East Naples provides great storm services. As a property manager they offered an Emergency Readiness Program and to be available 24/7 for any of my home owners. We discussed their services prior to the arrival or Hurricane Dorian, and although we were happy to not have to use them this time know we are prepared in the event we do need assistance.

We met Joe when he was volunteering helping homeowners put up shutters in our community during Hurricane Irma. He has watched over our property for us since then. Every Hurricane season he contacts us to let us know he'll have his eye out for us which we really appreciate. We're excited to continue that relationship with his team at SERVPRO going forward.

We've had Joe watching our property since Hurricane Irma. He was willing then to make sure it had survived and take care of any immediate problems we had post hurricane and has continued to do so for us since then. Now that he is with SERVPRO we are excited to utilize more of the services they will be able to provide.

Joe has been watching over our families property for us in Naples for several years now. And not only Irma was he available to ease our concerns but just recently during Dorian he sent his SERVPRO crew over and provided us with pictures of everything as it was in the event we suffered any kind of damage. We really appreciate his teams efforts and honesty.