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the SERVPRO of East Naples team in front of van

Our East Naples Team

SERVPRO of East Naples is honored to have such loyal and hardworking team members show up to restore and remediation properties every day! 

We are so thankful to have this team and have enjoyed seeing the immense growth over the past few years. Here's to many more at SERVPRO of East Naples! 

SERVPRO employee inspecting attic

Attic Inspection

Water Damaged Home

When you experience storm or hurricane damage to your home, our team at SERVPRO of East Naples is here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our team was called to this home to inspect the attic after leaks were found throughout the home. Our SERVPRO tech is wearing PPE to ensure safety. 

SERVPRO employees inspecting the damages

SERVPRO Inspection

Emergency Restoration

SERVPRO of East Naples offers emergency inspection services after you experience water or fire damage

A property owner in Naples called our team after they suspected water damage. Our remediation specialists arrived in no time with our inspection equipment to figure out where the source of the damage was and the extent of the damages. 

Standing water on a hardwood floor

Standing Water on Hardwood

Call the Pro's

If your home experiences water damage because of leaks, pipe breaks or sump pump failure, give our team a call at SERVPRO of East Naples. We are available anytime 24/7 and ready to respond to your water damage needs at any time, day or night!

team member using extraction equipment

Water Removal Process

Our Equipment

Our team at SERVPRO of East Naples uses advanced extraction equipment to remove and vacuum excess water from the affected areas. One of our team members is using a portable extraction unit you can stand on and move!

apartment complex and servpro truck out front

Apartment Complex Cleanup

Water Restoration

This apartment complex in the Naples area was struck with unexpected water damage. Our team at SERVPRO of East Naples was on the job immediately. We restored the property to pre-water loss conditions. 

Hallway with sewage water and SERVPRO equipment

Extreme Water Damage

Residential Restoration

The homeowner of this Naples property experienced one of the worst types of water damage that can happen: a sewage backup into the house. Water ran down a hallway and affected ten rooms with contaminated water. SERVPRO arrived to perform the pack-out and emergency services water damage restoration.

SERVPRO green service van packed in front of a warehouse

Storm Damage Cleanup

Emergency Restoration Services

When Naples properties need fast action on water damage left behind by storms, the techs from SERVPRO are ready to go in their fully stocked green service vans. The fleet service vehicles bring cleaning supplies, equipment, and even generators for jobs where the power is out.

SERVPRO technician with thermal fogger inside of a restaurant

East Naples Restaurant Gets Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

An important part of the commercial water damage mitigation in East Naples properties is the final touches. Bacteria can be in water that degrades after 24-hours and SERVPRO technicians have the equipment to both disinfect surfaces and remove any residual water odors on-site. 

SERVPRO technician on a wet carpet with proprietary equipment

Professional Equipment vs. East Naples Water Damage

SERVPRO technicians bring years of experience and the latest technology to commercial water damage cleanup in East Naples properties. Powerful extraction equipment, industrial drying devices, and odor control contribute to local buildings’ best outcome with water damage.

Ceiling with encapsulation and ladders

Naples Mold Damage Remediation Needs Targeted Attention

SERVPRO techs dealt with mold damage in this Naples home. Although the colonies had not spread too widely across the ceiling, the techs set up encapsulation to limit the potential for spores to spread elsewhere in the home.

Surface with acid wash solution

Commercial Mold Cleanup in Naples

When mold damage invaded this Naples business, the property owner brought in SERVPRO. The trained techs use different methods to remove visible colonies such as soda blasting, ice blasting and acid washing. The application chosen depends on the surface getting cleaned.

Living room with SERVPRO equipment and exposed walls

Naples Home Needs Controlled Demo for Mold Damage

A mold damage remediation in a Naples home often involves the removal of ruined building materials. Sheetrock is a favorite consumable for mold and it can spread throughout a home unseen within wall cavities. The action of opening the walls allows the interior to dry so abatement can take place.

Kitchen cabinets and wall with flood cuts

Valuable Water Damage Techniques Save Naples Homes

After severe water damage, the use of flood cuts in Naples homes can assist in halting the wicking of water. This action can limit the need for replacement of walls and save homeowners the cost of replacement of the building materials.

Room with exposed masonry on wall

Naples Mold Remediation Needs Controlled Demo

Mold damage set up home in this Naples property and came down the wall ruining the insulation and sheetrock. SERVPRO technicians had to remove both the flooring and several sheetrock areas to treat the framework with antimicrobial cleaners and a sealant.

Wall and tile floor with mold damage

Mold Remediation in Naples

Mold rarely stays in a single place. Once the colonies establish, the mold damage spreads rapidly throughout a Naples property until it gets stopped. Remediation is the best way to eradicate the issue followed up by proactive treatments such as antimicrobial cleaning agents and sealants.

Ceiling with direct airflow from SERVPRO equipment

Naples Water Damage Causes Laundry Room to Need Washing and Drying

After a sprinkler line in an attic in his Naples home broke, the result was a laundry room with water damage and a ceiling with water spots. SERVPRO technicians needed to open an area of the ceiling to focus warm air into the loss area to dry it.

Ceiling with direct airflow from SERVPRO equipment

Naples Water Damage Causes Laundry Room to Need Washing and Drying

After a sprinkler line in an attic in his Naples home broke, the result was a laundry room with water damage and a ceiling with water spots. SERVPRO technicians needed to open an area of the ceiling to focus warm air into the loss area to dry it.

Sheetrock with mold damage in a gutted kitchen

Controlled Demo in Naples Condo During Mold Damage Remediation

Once spores germinate, mold damage can spread quickly across a Naples property. Mold colonies grew behind this cabinet and the wall and cabinet area required removal to mitigation the loss. After drying the colonies, SERVPRO techs can use their antimicrobial cleaning agents to inhibit any return.

Work Van Being Loaded For A Commercial Job

24hr Commercial Services

Commercial Property Services & Restoration: Naples, FL.

SERVPRO of East Naples is a 24hr 7 Days a week commercial emergency service provider. We are here to assist in any way we can. Please feel free to contact us at any time for any further information about the services we provide.

Work Van Full Of Storm Damaged Debris

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Naples, FL.

Unfortunately there are times when disaster does get the best of us, and whether it is helping with equipment or helping remove damaged materials, we are simply here to help in any way we can. A typical scenario during large storms is to set equipment to begin the drying process, removing any debris that is unsalvageable, and hopefully in a short amount of time get the property ready to be fixed up back into its original condition.

Tenting A Hard Wood Floor


Water Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

Tenting is a functional way to dry hardwood as the tent (usually a sheet of 6mil polyethylene) holds hot air directly from the dehumidifiers right on top of the flooring penetrating the wood and speeding up drying times.

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team Vehicle

Disaster Relief Team

Why SERVPRO: Naples, FL.

In the event of a true disaster our corporate office will mobilize hundreds of franchises nationwide, semi trailers, even 747's full of equipment with incredibly quick response times to any size disaster.

Scaffolding Leading up To Roof Damage

Tricky Situations

Fire Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

Somtimes Damage happens in hard to get to places that needs special equipment, and special people for the job. At SERVPRO of East Naples we've got both.

Equipment Inventory in Warehouse

Commercial Inventory

Commercial Property Services & Restoration: Naples, FL.

Our Corporate Warehouse is over 100,000 Sq Ft and loaded with all the equipment needed to service any type of loss. At SERVPRO of East Naples we feel very fortunate to have the support of such an awesome company who is determined as we are to provide the best possible customer experience in the restoration business. We look forward to being an asset to our commercial customers here in Naples, FL.

Equipment Delivery

Extra Supplies

Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Naples, FL.

During Hurricane Season here in Naples, FL. there are times when extra supplies are necessary. We don't ever want to be in a situation where there are many people in need and we do not have the equipment to help out. We always take an inventory and purchase as much equipment as possible just to be prepared. We also have incredible corporate support through our designated Storm Teams.

Ceiling Damage Around Exhaust Fan

Water in Ceiling

Water Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

Water in the ceilings can come from many sources. It can be a bad roof, it can be condensation from the HVAC or a bathroom vent fan. Either which way if you see ceiling damage that looks suspicious please call a professional to do a thorough inspection to avoid more damage or the potential of mold.

male in black shirt by green van


Why SERVPRO: Naples, FL.

SERVPRO is very involved in helping our veterans. Here at SERVPRO of East Naples we have a strong focus on finding Veteran employees and helping those who have served and protected our country. Our Production Technician Dakota recently retired from the US Marine Corps.

home hallway with tile floor and three doorways


Fire Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

Deodorization is something we provide as well and a very common service during fire damage restoration. Smoke, soot, nicotine, and other smoke generating substances leave an oily residue which needs to be cleaned first, then deodorization tactics such as fogging can be utilized.

Warehouse Full of Equipment

Large Loss

Commercial Services & Restoration: Naples, FL.

In the event of a large loss on a massive structure, SERVPRO of East Naples has the capability of calling in our Extreme Team for back up. That is why SERVPRO Corporate has strategically placed Extreme Teams in specific regional locations. The local franchises are on the scene as first responders doing what they can to minimize damage, buying time, and waiting for reinforcements to show up ready to take on losses of any size!

Man Organizing A Work Van For Storm Preparation

Tied Down & Ready to Go!

Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Naples, FL.

One last check to make sure everything is tied down and ready to go. When we get the call no matter the time or location we can't have any delays. Especially during big storm events which seem to be happening more frequently, so we always have to be ready!

Active Mold Growth on Door Carpet and Trim

Water Creates Mold

Water Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

A very common problem we have here in East Naples, FL. when the primary source of a loss is water, the secondary source of a loss becomes mold growth. With our heat and our humidity, mold can pop up in 48-72hrs. Please let your local professionals handle any mold growth properly as it can be dangerous.

six men in a showroom


Why SERVPRO: Naples, FL.

We are a family. From the corporate trainers to each owner and employee we truly look out for one another and strive to do what's best for our customers.

Fire Damaged Roof and Trusses

Ceiling Fire

Fire Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

At SERVPRO we pride ourselves on being able to restore just about any type of disaster scenario even in hard to reach areas like this scenario which meant cleaning the rafters and plywood.

Warehouse Van & Industrial Shelving

Content Maintenance & Repair

Commercial Services & Restoration: Naples, FL.

In the event of a commercial loss, at SERVPRO of East Naples we are prepared to not only resolve the cause of the loss, restore the property, but we can also maintain and repair contents. We are capable of packing out materials that need to be removed from the property until the restoration is complete, maintaining, repairing, and putting the contents back in place in their prior loss condition.

male Loading equipment into the Work Van

Loading Up

Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Naples, FL.

Having the emergency vehicles properly stocked and ready to go at the drop of the dime is just a part of being an emergency response team. Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, and as we all know here in East Naples, FL. our largest and most common threats are hurricanes.

Man on ladder in kitchen with respirator and hygrometer


Water Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

Monitoring water loss jobs is an integral part of the process. Once extracting any standing water and placing the appropriate equipment, we come back every 24hrs to monitor not only the equipment, but the environment as a whole until the job has been completed to the customers satisfaction.



Why SERVPRO: Naples, FL.

SERVPRO offers its Franchises the ability to provide a magnitude of services by having every type of equipment we could possibly need for any type of job.

exposed wood and metal rafters

Up in the Rafters

Fire Restoration: Naples, FL.

Our goal is to salvage as much as we can, and bring the property back into original shape. Salvaging property instead of replacing property is cost effective for the property owners as well as insurance companies. Customer service is our primary focus and no better form of customer service than saving individuals and companies we work with money!

collage with photos of services that can be performed

Commercial Services

Commercial Property Services & Restoration: Naples, FL.

SERVPRO of East Naples is very excited for the opportunity to serve our community. Our goal is to make a difference. Business owners, property managers, please take a look at the services we provide and contact us at any time for further information.

Cleaning Supplies on wire shelving

Cleaning Supplies

Storm Damage: Naples, FL.

Having the work vans stocked with the proper cleaning supplies is crucial for storm preparation. Sometimes when we get to water losses that have taken on wind blown water or ocean, lake, river flooding we have to be prepared to clean up very unsanitary (Cat 3) conditions.

Three Air Movers and a Dehumidifier Drying a Water Loss

Equipment Placement

Water Damage: Naples, FL.

Proper placement of the equipment is crucial to the results of the job. Getting the air flowing in the correct pattern and the dehumidifier in a location that is optimal for its purpose will dry out water damaged properties much quicker.

Drying Chamber

High Technology

Why SERVPRO: Naples, FL.

SERVPRO is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to the type of services we can provide and the technology we have access to allowing us to do so. This drying chamber at our corporate office provides document restoration on a massive scale. It is impressive!

male in white protective suit Wiping Soot Off Wood Surfaces

Fire Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration in Naples, FL.

Our IICRC trained Technicians are willing to do what ever it takes to get your fire damaged property back to "Like it never even happened."

white certificate with black, green and blue writing

Restoration Services

Commercial Property Services & Restoration: Naples, FL.

Our team at SERVPRO of East Naples is an IICRC Certified Firm who is capable of handling any size loss and also trained in many facets of property maintenance. We are not specific to residential or commercial, we are here to help any body, any size, any structure.

man counting inventory in warehouse


Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Naples, FL.

Storm preparation begins with knowing what we are capable of. Taking an inventory of your equipment and making sure they are all in working order will save a lot of headaches when chaos hits.

Air Movers

Air Movers

Water Damage Restoration

During a water event, the best thing to do is get air movement and Dehumidify. We have plenty of equipment for those exact scenarios.

female employee sitting at desk

Office Management


At SERVPRO of East Naples we always pride ourselves on our customer service. We are a 24/7 emergency response team with qualified courteous people ready to help in any way we can.

Ceiling Covered in Soot with Clean Circular Space

Ceiling Soot

Fire Damage Restoration

The level of soot damage can actually be hard to see, until we begin the fire damage clean up process where the comparison truly shows through. SERVPRO of East Naples is your trusted leader in fire restoration and smoke odor removal.